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In May, 1988, the Amarillo Users Group participated 

in the first TI Faire to be held in Texas.


AUG Vice President Steve Eggers with Barry Boone

Ken Espiou, President of US Tech, standing at his display

US Tech - Geneve 9640 Setup

Former TI Software Engineers who programmed "Lasso"

Millers Graphics Geneve 9640 setup

John McDevitt of Rave 99

Rave 99 - MX-01 Memory Enhancement

Rave 99 - MX-01 Memory Enhancements (As I recall, there was 2MB in the PE Box)

Rave 99 Speech Synthesizer adapter card for PE Box

AUG Secretary / Editor Sam Burton looking over the Amarillo 99/4A Users Group display

AUG Secretary / Editor Sam Burton proudly standing at the Amarillo 99/4A Users Group display

AUG President Joe Slutz talking to former TI engineers

Texaments selling their products in Dallas

A vendor selling their wares at the TI Faire

AUG Vice-President Steve Eggers, stopping for the camera during tear down at the Texas TI Faire

All photos taken by Samuel R.M. Burton, Copyright 1988,

This page and it contents, Copyright 2004-2006, Steve Eggers,