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Here are some pictures from past user group events.

Amarillo 99/4A Users Group Meeting, Amarillo, Tx, Amarillo Public Library:

User Group President Joe Slutz speaking to the members about the Geneve 9640 (left) and the TI-99/4A (right) - July, 1988

User Group President Joe Slutz speaking, Steve Eggers (left) - July, 1988

User Group President Joe Slutz (foreground), Corkey Billingsley (walking by), TI-99/8 and Hex-bus Disk Drive (background) - August, 1989

Sam Burton at Steve Eggers house intently studying the inner most workings and secrets of the TI-99/4A. - May, 1989



Photos taken by Samuel R.M. Burton and Steve Eggers, Copyright 1988-89, All Rights Reserved

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