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The "legendary" Texas Instruments Computer 99/8

"The Armadillo" 

Prototype 19


The TI-99/8 computer was never released by Texas Instruments. It featured a 10 MHz, TMS9995 microprocessor, 64K of Ram, 16K of video RAM, built in Hex-bus interface and a 54-key Selectric type keyboard. If this computer had been released by TI, it would have surpassed the Commodore 64 and Atari 1200XL


Top view of the TI-99/8 computer. This 99/8 is a revision 2 "Armadillo".

This is a picture of the right side of the console.  It is interesting to note that this 99/8 has the telephone type connector. Revision 2 motherboards have a card edge. This revision 2 is modified to have the revision 1 port.

This is rear of the console, visible here are, from left to right, CC Port, Cassette ports, Joystick, Monitor, TV, Channel Select, and Power. Note the TV and Channel Select are not present on the motherboard, also, the HEXBUS Port is labeled CC Port.

Here is a picture of  TI-99/8 (19) computer setup with Hex-bus DS/DD Drive Controller and Modem.


Texas Instruments Computer 99/8


Few TI-99/8 accessories leaked out of the TI Consumer Products Division.

This is the 99/8 specific RF Modulator. It is smaller than the 99/4A modulator. I have 3 of these in my collection.


Texas Instruments Computer 99/8

Interesting Items

This is the original Mitsumi 54-key keyboard tooling sample that was used for fit verification on the 99/8. 

This keyboard still works!


Texas Instruments Computer 99/8

Revision 1 and Revision 2 Differences

The revision 1 motherboard has a 50-pin multi-line telephone connector. To the left, next to the 371-19 Memory Mapper Gate Array (AMIGO), you see a 74LS 14-pin IC. This is not present on revision 2 boards. This motherboard is also missing the p-code GROMs. If memory serves correctly, this is a 6-layer circuit board.

The revision 2 motherboard has a 50-pin card edge slot connector and the 74LS chip next to the AMIGO Memory Mapper is missing on rev.2 boards. If I recall correctly, these are a 4-layer circuit board.



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