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TI-74 - The CC-40's little brother.

When the Compact Computer 40 failed to live up to its expectations, Texas Instruments released the TI-74 BASICalc in 1985. It is a smaller version of the CC-40 minus the Hex-Bus interface. With the TI-74, DockBus was born, essentially Hex-bus laid out in one row versus two rows.


The TI-74 has 8K of internal RAM and is upgradeable to 16K with an additional 8K RAM cartridge.

You can see the similarity in the TI-74 and it's older counterpart, the Compact Computer 40.

TI-74 bundled documentation.

This is the ROM-RAM "space holder" cartridge. These cartridges are about half the size of CC-40 Solid State Software.

Interestingly, the TI-74 has some of the same software titles as the CC-40.


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