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Welcome to the Amarillo 99/4A Users Group Tribute Page!




The Amarillo Users Group  featured product!

Rave 99 PC/XT Keyboard Interface.



AUG News:

Due to series of unfortunate family events, I was forced to sell my TI-99/8 Prototype Number 80.It was sad to see it go, but I still have one more.


This site was created as a tribute to all the past members of the Amarillo 99/4A Users Group (AUG). As time marches on, I didn't want something that was so good to fade into history.

On this site you will find:

A list of former AUG members and officers.

Scans of old newsletters that were produced by the Amarillo 99/4A Users Group.

Photos of AUG functions from the past.

Photos of TI-99/X hardware produced by Texas Instruments and other companies.

Recent Updates:

9/17 - Remove TI-99/8 Prototype 80 from the 99/8 page.

7/5 - Added Disk Fixer to the Navarone page.

7/3 - Added a Navarone page to the Third Party accessories. Added the PC-324 Printer to the new  Compact Computer Accessories page.

3/25 - Added a Links page. Added the CorComp 9900 Disk Controller and a Screenshot of the Millers Graphics ROMs to the Third Party page

3/24 - Revised and Edited a few pages.

3/23 - Added the Myarc DDCC-1 disk Controller to the Third Party page.

3/22 - Added a complete list of unreleased documentation.

3/21 - Added pictures of a populated IDE interface card for the PE Box. Also added pictures of the Custodio Malilong Compact Flash drive that attaches to the side of the 99/4A console in the Third Party page. 

3/20 - Added a picture of my TI-99/4A system to the 99/4A page.

3/19 - Added more Docs to the Documentation page.

3/18 - Added a WANTED page.

3/17 - Added a Documentation page. This page will deal with unreleased documentation for the 99/8 and other peripherals. These have been scanned by myself and are not taken from another website.

1/3 - Added the Theirry Nouspikel IDE card to the Third Party page.



This page was last updated on 09/17/06.

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